Welcome Messages

Welcome Message from the ISSHP 2014 New Orleans Local Organizers

Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased that the next World Congress on Hypertension in Pregnancy will take place in New Orleans October 2014. The organising committee has put together a very interesting meeting which combines the most up to date clinical and scientific research in the field.

I am also very pleased that we are meeting together with the International Society of Obstetric Medicine including a conjoint day as part of both Societies’ conferences. This provides us an ideal opportunity for two related and important groups to work together.

New Orleans is a unique city where different traditions and culture mix. We all acknowledge the great efforts made to restore New Orleans’ historical splendor and will be pleased to honor the city with a large participation and a high quality program that we hope will lead to large submissions to “Pregnancy Hypertension”, the Society’s journal.

This is a wonderful opportunity to gather with international colleagues and share science and friendship. We wish to make this Congress a memorable event. See you in New Orleans!

Mark Brown
President, ISSHP